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This week I’m listening to…

The Man Who Told Everything by the Doves… on repeat.

Could telling the world the whole truth, sharing everything we know without sugar coating it be our escape? Would it make us feel liberated? Would it redeem all those years we spent reciting common white lies to conform to society? Or is going against the tide worse? Is the whole truth a greater sin?

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Song Of The Week:

Haven’t done this in a while… as per usual.
This isn’t anything new to be entirely honest, but there are two reasons for which I am posting this.
First, because it’s relaxing and fun to listen to while I walk to school! And secondly, because I am taking some time to rediscover and further discover some artists that are going to Rock Werchter so I can sing along to more than just one song… Jamie Lidell happens to be one of the artists in the line-up 🙂
The song actually doesn’t correspond with my current mood given that I have been sick this past week and bed bound, but hopefully when I’m up and going I can enjoy it more 🙂

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I apologize for not having posted a ‘Song of the Week’ for 2 weeks now. I haven’t actually forgotten, but I had something different in mind… a change. I was planning on recording a cover of me playing/singing the song of the week, however my laptops sound card continues to fail me… or maybe it’s just my rubbish singing?

I hope to post this asap, and I really, really hope that I don’t disappoint c:

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Song Of The Week:

Hurt, originally by the Nine Inch Nails, but very famously covered by Johnny Cash, has been the most played on my iPod recently.
It might have something to do with the fact that I only recently put it on my iPod but ho-hum.
It’s really a great cover – and I think it might even be more famous than the original. Either way kudos to Mr. Cash! (:

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I do realize that I have skipped doing a song of the week. 
There is a reason behind it – I’ve been thinking and thinking but I just couldn’t find a single hit that could summarize my week. See, it was so full of mood swings that there wasn’t a specific genre I could even select from. 
I had told myself at the beginning of last week that this week would definitely be a piece from one of my favourite bands (Red Hot Chili Peppers or Nirvana), but as the week went on, I kept finding myself pondering through new worlds of music. From screamo through to pop ballads. I really had no idea what was going through my mind. 

So instead, this week I will share a link with you; http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL99O1PCYJkTqU7UCriUebJVyJzj5SIvmE

This is a playlist I created this week, based on a mix CD that had been playing in the car ALL THE TIME. I really like the songs though, so I hope you all enjoy them equally.

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