Is it my birthday, or is it not?

That is the question I will never stop asking myself. Why? Because I was gifted enough to be born on the 29th of February. For the past 3 years I’ve questioned what day Facebook records my birthday as, and only this year I found out that it’s a mixture of the 28th of February and the 1st of March. Personally, I usually celebrate on the 1st of March for a couple of evident reasons:
1) I was not yet born on the 28th of February therefore it seems more logical to celebrate on the 1st of March.
2) One of my close friends at school has her birthday on the 28th so I choose to celebrate on the 1st of March in order to not steal her thunder (and to add to that, the following day is my other close friend’s birthday).
3) Oddly, most 1st of March”es” have fallen on more convenient celebration days. For example this year it is on a Friday. Consequently it has become a tradition to celebrate on the 1st, unless say the 28th is a Saturday and the 1st is a Monday…

Anyway, currently I am replying to Facebook wall posts consisting of people congratulating my birthday but it’s such an odd sensation. I accept the nice wishes and thank everyone yet I am not even celebrating. I am having a casual day…

So, is it my birthday?