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Word of the Day?

Given that I have exams, I decided to make a simple post that will keep you busy and hopefully teach you something new 🙂 I am going to put up the definition of words that I think are beautiful and hopefully which you have not yet come across. Here it goes, this is my favourite so far:

Su-sur-rus [soo-sur-uhs]
1. a soft murmuring or rustling sound; whisper.

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Don’t Turn a Blind Eye to the World.

Don't Turn a Blind Eye to the World.

This, in a rather irrelevant way, reminds me of the character of Erasmus Kemp from ‘Sacred Hunger’, a book I am reading in my English class by Barry Unsworth. I haven’t completed the book, but so far the character is the definition of having sight and no vision. He’s so fixed-minded it makes you want to punch him with the hope of knocking some understanding into him!

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Good Read? Definitely!

Last night I finished reading “A Streetcar Named Desire” by Tennessee Williams for my English assignment. I really loved it and I don’t always enjoy reading plays. It’s an easy read book, and yet it has so much content!

It seems that this would also be a good time to mention that I do have a profile on Good Reads. I created it relatively recently, so there’s not much on there and I’m not quite used to navigating my way around the website, not to mention that I occasionally forget to update it! Feel free to take a look (just click right here) and if you have an account please let me know! I’d love to take a look at all your profiles and get new inspirations for further reading 🙂

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Words Inspired by Real People

  1. bloomers — after Amelia Bloomer, a women’s rights advocate
  2. cardigan — after the Seventh Earl of Cardigan, James Thomas Brudenell (1797-1868)
  3. chauvinism — after legendary French soldier Nicolas Chauvin
  4. decibel — after Alexander Graham Bell, one tenth of a bel
  5. guppy — after R.J. Lechmere Guppy (1836-1916), a Trinidadian clergyman
  6. leotard — after Jules Léotard (1830-1870), the French aerialist
  7. masochism — after Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (1836-1895), the Austrian author of Venus in Furs
  8. pompadour — after Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, the Marquise de Pompadour
  9. saxophone — after Belgian instrument designer and musician Adolphe Sax
  10. silhouette — after Étienne de Silhouette (1709-1767), a French finance minister


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Just one little thing! 
I’m not sure if this is correct – but seeing as I was given the link much like a signature post on an email, I’m assuming not. 
I recently saw my English teacher’s blog, who apparently has a lot of tricks up her sleeve. She’s a professional writer and an awesome blogger. 
So anyone interested, please visit http://www.thatreadingwritingthing.com
You won’t regret it – I found it quite inspiring. 

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