A Day At The Art Gallery

The title of this post is rather nostalgic… I once had to write a creative story with this title and some other constraints and today, I became in some ways the protagonist of my short story.
My friend invited me to go to an Affordable Arts fair today, here in Brussels. I really enjoyed it. She got invited by her art teacher who also had one of her paintings there.

It was generally speaking contemporary arts ranging from photography to oil paintings and collages. It was organized gallery by gallery. Each gallery from different parts of Europe had their own corner to present the artists that they are representing. One of the galleries which I loved as a whole was Bleach Box. It’s a gallery situated in the UK in Cambridge. I fell in love with the photographer Richard Heeps’ work. It was perfect. It just worked for me in so many ways. Not only did it appeal to my “taste in life” but it was also artistically strong; I could feel the passion just by looking at the photo. Which brings me back to my original point about how much this post reminds my of the story I wrote. In the story the protagonist got lost in a photography and found themselves in that time and place… and I have to admit, I can’t say that the feeling didn’t pass me by. It was truly a wonderful night.

You can click here to see the kind of work Richard Heeps has been up to! You can also check out my second favourite artist from the fair right here! 🙂

After this outing I have officially decided to name Wednesday my lucky weekday, as anything and everything good happens today! 🙂