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One Love

Music is sacred. You cannot separate any form of art from its grace or spirituality. That’s where its sanctity lies. Artistic expression is something beyond reach… You can try to push it and shove it; you can try to break the spell one song can hold over millions of people, but you will fail. Nothing can touch the power with which music holds people together. Even in face of hatred, music will always transcend, and it will always nurture love.


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This week I’m listening to…

The Man Who Told Everything by the Doves… on repeat.

Could telling the world the whole truth, sharing everything we know without sugar coating it be our escape? Would it make us feel liberated? Would it redeem all those years we spent reciting common white lies to conform to society? Or is going against the tide worse? Is the whole truth a greater sin?

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“Older Together”


Black Light Dinner Party.Dan, Jack, Zach, Joel. Brooklyn. Synth-pop/electronic pop.

Jack: We all met in Boston. Originally we were all working on music—different kinds of stuff—individually, and we’d all play the same venues. We were all friends, but then my mom got sick, my mom had breast cancer, so we decided to do a project that was maybe a little less out there, and more accessible for people, like my mom. That’s when we started working on tracks and writing songs. That became “Older Together,” that was the first song we wrote. My mom died. When people really started liking it, it was all bittersweet, it was a little sad, but people really loved it.

In January 2015 BLDP announced that they had amicably parted ways.




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Tallulah: “lady of abundance, or leaping water”

My go-to song if I’m looking to find peace of mind by candlelight in my room.

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The Morning Benders – Excuses


So I used to listen to this song a lot, but somehow I went from showing it to others to completely forgetting about it. Then just yesterday a friend of mine re-shared it with me and told me that every time she listened to it she remembered me. I suppose that’s the benefit of sharing music with friends, family and even strangers. It does bring us closer.

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This is an amazing cover of Drake’s One Dance. I don’t usually listen to Conor Maynard but I ran into this today and I had to share. Enjoy

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Moving Forward

I don’t quite know why, but even before this song had a music video it was always a ‘winter kind of song’ to me: the kind of song you want to be listening to when you’re at home, cosy and warm, too preoccupied with magazines and books to think about anything substantial (lost in my mind), maybe drinking a cup of tea while there’s a snowstorm outdoors but somehow it’s still peaceful because the world just seems fluffy and soft.

I’m posting this right now, because yes, it seems like the right season, but also because there’s a particular lyric on my mind: we can start moving forward. It seems like high time to move forward with 2016 reeling in.


Song of the Week:

I generally enjoy listening to BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge covers to see how different artists rearrange songs to fit their own style and it almost always ends up being something really cool. This cover by Ed Sheeran is by far one of the coolest. Give it a listen, xo

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Vance Joy – Riptide – Acoustic Unplugged Version

I don’t think there’s a lot to say – this song is perfection and I adore this unplugged ukulele version. ❤

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