I feel like 90% of the time I usually start the year with a post regarding the new year and new year’s resolutions and how it’s a new beginning, etc. Then again, that’s not such a high percentage considering I do not share posts on a regular basis.

Nonetheless, I don’t feel like it this year. Pretty plain, pretty blunt. I don’t feel as though life has been treating me all too kindly lately – it has, ahem..uhm, killed my vibe. And so, I don’t really feel like making a super appreciative, hopeful and pro-life post. Not only that but also, despite liking new year celebrations very much, I feel like it’s another sad excuse we humans have created to realize that the sun rises every morning and that some of us are fortunate enough to wake up to it. The date changes every twenty-four hours. Every 30 to 31 days the month changes and every 365 (sometimes 366) days, the year. And every day is a new day. And every day is a new beginning, a new chance. In the words of Nina Simone, “it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me”. So celebrate everyday you wake up! Because some people don’t get to.

Some are sick. Some are lying in hospital beds. Some are living in places where freedom is not something they can take for granted, but is something they have to fight for everyday. Some are dreading waking up, because it means they will have to hear their stomach groan with hunger once again.

If you are reading this; if you are able to read this, you probably have a lot going for you, pal. And that’s something to be grateful for. That’s something to be happy about, and not just every 365 days – every 24 hours, every minute, every second!

I sometimes find it despicable that we get together with those we love every year and celebrate the new year by slashing the sky with ostentatious fireworks. I mean, in a sense, even that is incredibly inconsiderate of those less fortunate, of all the city’s pigoens and seagulls and stray cats and dogs… of this kind and humble planet, Earth.

So much for a non-hopeful and non-appreciative post about the new year.

Happy twenty nineteen.

And still; no one’s getting any younger.