Death was sly, sad, and lonely and I was trying to add colour with my crayolas.

The first time I met death, I must have been around five. My neighbours daughter got us acquainted. She had passed in her sleep.

I couldn’t really grasp the idea of someone being dead. All I really understood was that she was gone, but I resolutely believed that she was gone some place else; not gone absolutely.

I remember my mum telling me the news. I took my crayolas and drew pictures of a blonde girl on paper torn from an old 1998 agenda. The blonde girl was their daughter, though I had no clue whether she was truly blonde because I had never actually seen her. I was trying desperately to say goodbye to a person I’d never met. I presented my ‘art’ to my mum who told me to give it to my dad who would be attending the funeral later on. So I did. I don’t know what happened to the drawings or what I expected to happen to the drawings but I imagined she would receive them one way or another…

Death was sly, sad, and lonely and I was trying to add colour with my crayolas.

I’m 20 years old now. It’s been some 15 years since then, yet here I am trying to deal with another passing. I don’t have crayolas anymore. I have a black biro and I’m scribbling on blank sheets of paper trying to make sense out of what we call ‘life’.

“Older Together”


Black Light Dinner Party.Dan, Jack, Zach, Joel. Brooklyn. Synth-pop/electronic pop.

Jack: We all met in Boston. Originally we were all working on music—different kinds of stuff—individually, and we’d all play the same venues. We were all friends, but then my mom got sick, my mom had breast cancer, so we decided to do a project that was maybe a little less out there, and more accessible for people, like my mom. That’s when we started working on tracks and writing songs. That became “Older Together,” that was the first song we wrote. My mom died. When people really started liking it, it was all bittersweet, it was a little sad, but people really loved it.

In January 2015 BLDP announced that they had amicably parted ways.