Who am I?

So I found this on my laptop. I think I wrote it a couple of years ago as an ‘about’ for my tumblr account. Found it kinda nice to read, and decided to share it. 

I don’t really know how to define myself in a concise way. In fact, I don’t know how to define myself. But, here are some things I can think of:

I’m a vegetarian. But I’m one of those annoying vegetarians who are like, “I’m a vegetarian, but I eat fish; so I’m a pescatarian.” A lot of people wonder why I eat fish and not chicken or whatever. Well, I decided to become a vegetarian in my second year of high school and my parents said, “You’re still growing so you have to eat something.”  So we made a deal that I would continue eating fish. I chose fish because at least they’re not caged their entire lives just to end up on a supermarket shelf; they still get to live freely in the ocean.

My star-sign is Pisces and although some may strongly believe that astrology is total bullshit, I find some comfort in it and no, this has nothing to do with the fact that Kurt Cobain is also a Pisces.  I’m mentioning my star-sign, because I think it describes me rather accurately. Apparently, I amcompassionate, accepting, adaptable, devoted, imaginative, oversensitive, indecisive (as hell), selfpitying (kinda pathetic, haha), escapist, and occasionally very lazy.

When I’m inspired and I have my shit together, I can be the most productive and creative person on earth. Yet, sometimes if the slightest thing goes wrong (this can be something as mundane as traffic jams), I lose the will to – I just lose THE WILL.

I like music a lot whether it’s playing or listening. Always to be found on my iPod/iPhone are: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, Nirvana, Bright Eyes, The Black Keys, Lana Del Ray, Kings of Leon, The Kooks, and Taylor Swift (haters gonna hate). My all time favourite song has got to be I Miss You by Blink-182. I first heard it aged 9 and I’ve never stopped listening to it since.

I like to write. Some how I feel like writing is a good way to release and let go of some of the things I’m feeling. In my personal opinion, talking about feelings requires strength and courage. Often I fail to convey what I am feeling when I am talking, but when I pick up a pen and paper things seem to flow a lot easier.

I love dogs and all animals (but omg dogs).

I like candles. I like dim lights. I like bright lights. I like busy streets. I like solitude. I like poems. I like big crowds. I like seeing people all dressed up. I like seeing people in their PJs. I like staring out of windows and watching what’s going on on the other side. I like laughing. I like crying from laughter. I like pretending to online shop (aka liking a whole load of crap online and not buying any of it). I like fangirling. I like Tavi Gevinson. I like taking photos (and taking selfies is my guilty pleasure). I like watching old TV series. I like declaring a day “junk food day” and only eating cookies. I like pizza. I like pasta. I like nutella.

See, I told you guys I’m not concise. Thanks for reading (:


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