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Meanwhile, I graduated… (It’s the end of an era)

Between exam stress, bac ball dresses, university applications, and a huge longing for summer, graduation crept up on me, and İt was over before I knew it. Yeah, it’s already August.

rewinding sound*

I’m not entirely sure how and when June and July passed me by but  it is now the third of August and school is long gone. Honestly, it all went by extremely fast. Since May I was frustrated with school and all the pressure on us for exams… it frustrated me even more that we were going to be subject to this kind of pressure until the 2nd of July. But some how, time passed, I studied, the written set of exams were over, and after a far too long break so were the orals, and then I was out shopping for clothes for the graduation ceremony and poof: I was outta there in a flash. There were dinners, barbecues, all sorts of events and saying-goodbye-shindigs and then came the 9th of July and I flew off to Crete with the rest of my class. I was terrified at first because I had this feeling that by the end of the week everyone would be pulling each others hair out, but we did just fine and it was a nice way to say goodbye to everyone (despite the occasional high intensity drama). 

I arrived back in Brussels after a wonderfully exhausting week, unpacked and repacked only to fly off to Turkey the next day. Yes, I took two three and a half our flights in the space of 24 hours. I do travel a lot given that I live in Brussels and all my relatives are in Turkey, but I have to say two cross-country flights in less than 24 hours was pushing boundaries, even for me. 

My first days in Turkey went by with bad weather which I suppose was just as well since it gave me a chance to settle in. And a couple of days later, my friend arrived to spend the week with me. It was a chaotic first couple of days as I was busy with university applications to a couple of universities in Turkey, and between showing my friend around and eating traditional Turkish foods I had to sit an exam too. But all’s well that ends well: a couple of days later I found out I had been offered a place at the university.  

The rest of the week was a bit more relaxed… my friend and I spent our days lounging around the pool and heading out to cafes in the evening. The week came to an end and we headed to the airport all together as my mum and I were going to fly to another city in Turkey (Izmir) and my friend was returning to Brussels.

I am now in Izmir with most of my relatives. We came here to be together for eid al-fitr (which is the islamic holiday following the month of Ramadan). It’s quite hectic in the house as we are 9 people (including a baby!), but nonetheless one must always appreciate being able to spend time with their family 🙂 

I’m looking forward to returning to the comfort of my own summer house in Istanbul now and spending 2 relaxing weeks with my mum. 

I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer, and I’ll try and keep you all posted!