Work, work, work

I feel like that’s been the work I use the most these past few weeks. Oops did I say work, I meant word.
I’m just trying to get on top of all my school work, hand in all my final papers and begin revising for my baccalaureate.
I’m kind of okay with it though… I feel accomplished and I have a weird fetish for being organized no matter how unorganized I actually am. Sadly though, it’s resulted in me limiting social activities. I don’t mind it all too much, but sometimes I miss it. Yesterday I watched Eurovision with my friends, and we were having some drinks, playing our own music when the Eurovision songs sucked and dancing around the living room. It was fun, but also kind of exhausting. I  mean, I suddenly felt like a 30 year old trying to party like they were still 20 – It’s like I’ve lost some of my immunity to partying… which is something I definitely plan to restore this summer 😀
I honestly cannot wait to finish school. After graduation day I will have a busy five days of organizing myself and getting rid of old school work that I will no longer need etc. etc. and then I’ll really be done. I won’t have to see the face of another high school text book… ever. Of course, those text books will be replaced by other, more difficult text books when I’m in university, but ain’t nobody got time to worry about that! This summer, I’m just going to enjoy the freedom. The freedom of not having any responsibilities, the freedom of not having any school work, the freedom of not belonging anywhere but also belonging everywhere, the kind of freedom which doesn’t cause me any anxiety because I don’t have to make choices anymore, because all of that will be behind me…

So yeah, maybe all that freedom means a lot of work and stress now, but I honestly don’t mind it. I don’t mind it because I have a motive to do it… because I know it’s all going to pay off 🙂

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