Almost done with high school

I have entered my last 3 weeks in high school and after sitting my exams, I will be done for good. Looking back, I found a post I made about how much I cannot wait until I graduate. I realize, that hasn’t changed much. Really, I just want it all to be over, no matter how sad I might feel come graduation day. 

So yeah, I’ve come a long way, I’ve changed, I’ve grown, I’ve become a legal adult, I got 2-3 strands of white hair, I’ve learnt a lot more blablabla but I’m still hella confused about what I want from my life. The odd thing is, I was so determined and sure of what I wanted 2 or 3 years ago; even a year ago I half knew what I wanted, but now I’m just full of questions. I know that I will find something that is right for me but it’s frightening to not know what’s ahead of me. I suppose it’s also exciting. But I think the thing I’m looking most forward to is just finishing school and starting afresh somewhere new, somewhere different. A change of scenery might be just what I need.