I ask myself this question every single night and never seem to find the answer. I wish I was more of an early morning person – sometimes I feel like I miss out.

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  1. Why am I able to do good work only after 1am?

  2. Aron T. says:

    I’ve pondered this as well, as I am certainly more productive in the wee hours, and that has forever meant swimming against the current of the ‘day people’. Sometimes I swim along, and my work becomes bland and immature, ‘paycheck’ results I call it, crap that’s good enough, but I’d never read twice. The bottom line is what I write will be better, and more efficient, after midnight. For me, even a half hour in the early AM will equal about five hours of work during ‘normal’ daylight hours.

    Screeds I write at night still make me laugh, still make me think ‘damn, I was smart back then’, still seem what I should produce, rather than merely what I can. More value in a single post-midnight sentence than a pre-noon essay.

    I think there’s two strong reasons. The primary one is safety. In the wee hours my phone won’t ring, the bill collectors are asleep, the needy neighbors, relatives, lovers, and friends are gone, traffic trickles to a drip, the tide of daily bullshit ebbs away. Nobody expects anything of me in the wee hours, no demands, no distractions, no societal limits on my behavior, no glances or glares, no bullshit to dodge. It is solitary in a comforting way, and allows responsibilities like ‘I should see who’s at the door’ to not exist. The 9 to 5-ers seem to be the ones filling the tar pit of bullshit, the nocturnal life avoids their excretions.

    But also, secondarily, it frees the mind. The mental twilight between ‘too awake’ and ‘too sleepy’ can encourage the freedom of creativity to flow, like being drunk or high but without the impairment. You can really be you at night, there is no audience, no judgment, late night tiring the mind but alert in a strange way. Many of the funniest stories I’ve written were at the end of a twelve hour drive, wired from the travel but totally worn out too, releasing my mind like the ‘responsible adult’ cerebral wrinkles are too tired to suppress the creative wrinkles.

    I write at night, but edit during the day.

    This was written at 2:39 pm in full sunlight….

    • Yeah, I completely agree on the point about their being no distractions… During exam period last year I often came home to sleep around noon-afternoon and then I’d wake up study late at night… or early in the morning because there are simply no distractions for me to occupy myself with, the house is quiet and I just feel more composed. Somehow during the day, my mind if full of millions of other things that I have to do and during the night those things all fade away.
      And I guess it’s also true that there is no audience at night. I also often find that when I’m alone within the perimeters of my room and listening to some music, I write most beautifully. I can just pour out the days emotions and thoughts onto a piece of paper without giving it a second thought 🙂

  3. Ana says:

    It will change with time.. If you want. Good work comes whenever, you just have to be awake.

  4. Lioar-media says:

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  5. Lioar says:

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