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Summer so far…

Finally a healthy internet connection! I left my comfy home in Brussels less than two weeks ago thinking, this summer I can use my time to do some blogging. I arrived in Turkey and found that the telecommunications company decided to cancel our subscription to the internet because of some stupid mistake they made. It took numerous painfully annoying phone calls to not solve the problem and a trip to buy a usb which gives you internet access anywhere you want. Result!

It hasn’t been much of a rest so far. There’s been a lot of fixing up and cleaning out in my summer house and there’s been at least one repair guy/delivery guy at the house every day since our arrival. My mind has not really cleared up yet. It still feels like a bit of a war zone in there, but it needs to recover soon as I have a lot of serious reading to do… I’m talking Conrad books, personal statement drafts and an extended essay. Just the thought of it all stresses me out.

I went to the beach for the first time today which was nice until I thought I was dying because it was so hot. I did catch an okay tan though 🙂 I hope everyone is having a sunny and maybe slightly more relaxing summer than I am. I’ll keep everyone posted; or at least I’ll try…

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Rock Werchter

It’s been three days since I’ve returned from music paradise to my lame, dull house and I am missing it!

Since the 4th of July I have been at Rock Werchter, a music festival. I want to attempt sharing my experience with you all but I don’t really know where to begin. It was my first camping experience as well as my first festival experience. Camping was definitely better than I expected it to be… I almost miss waking up and stepping directly outside into the fresh air.  The atmosphere at the festival was perfect and the sun was out for us all! It was so refreshing to be with people who were all there for the same purpose – everyone already had a common ground. Contrary to most people you meet at concerts who constantly push to make their way to the front, no one was that vicious. In fact most people were kind and generous and offered to lift me onto their shoulders as they acknowledged that I was vertically challenged (yes, I’m short). The line up was great and I enjoyed every band – before the festival was over I was already making plans for my return in 2014.

I want to pick out my favorite acts but I’m finding it really difficult to be specific! I loved Kings of Leon because I met the nicest people there and I had the privilege of being on someone’s shoulder’s and I love them anyway ❤
I also discovered Vintage Trouble and Tame Impala – they were both bands that I was familiar with but I hadn’t really listened to much in the past. I went to both of their concerts and they were amazing. The energy at Vintage Trouble was insane and I was speechless throughout most of Tame Impala. I think they were amazing live (better than their recordings) but I’m guessing this is due to the liberties of performing live such as improvisation 🙂
Of course I saw many, many others but it would take forever to give everyone a mention…

All in all, Werchter was a great start to the summer. Thank you Rock Werchter 2013 for being awesome.

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