Sadly, there have been some terrible events going on in Turkey. When citizens of Istanbul were peacefully protesting the demolishment of a very popular and old park, Gezi Parki, in Istanbul, near Taksim the police got violent and the media remained silent. While war was breaking out between the citizens and the policemen, the media was still streaming series and shows. People in their homes in Turkey tried to cooperate with protesters via Facebook and Twitter sharing WiFi passwords so that everyone can remain in touch with each other. The government was blocking phone services and the internet, disabling any access for help and trying to keep all of this a secret! But it wasn’t enough. All of Turkey is standing up – the rest of the world is standing up. There are protests going on all over Europe for Turkey. It became more than just a protest against the demolishment of the park. The governments recent decisions of banning alcohol and freedom of speech had taken their toll. All over Turkey, in the big cities people are walking, people are fighting for their freedom because this is not okay. #occupygezi

Read more about what’s going on here. 


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2 thoughts on “#OccupyGezi

  1. Katie Renee says:

    It made it to the media here at home. I hope the situation is improved today (I think you are about 6-7 hours ahead of me).

    • International media is the most reliable source at the moment. I don’t know what kind of a threat the government used against the media because they have literally not said a single word… and to think that it’s the same TV channels that you trust with every other piece of information. I don’t think that the situation is going to calm down any time soon with the Turkish Prime Minister further provoking the population as opposed to apologizing or resigning like a normal democratic person would do. I can’t believe this is the person at the head of the country. It’s not right. Now I just hope this goes on, until he resigns – if not I don’t know what Turkey’s future will be. I saw on the Italian news they said: ‘Think what they are capable of, if they are doing these in order to defend a tree.’ It’s very true and to think all of this did begin with a simple protest to preserve a nice park… Thank you.

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