Aloha Summer.

Having finished my exams and come to an end of another school year, I think it’s appropriate to give summer a proper welcome.
It’s been two days now since I’ve had no real commitments and no studying to do but it sort of just feels like it’s a weekend. I’m hoping I don’t wake up at 7am tomorrow and start getting ready for school.

As far as my summer plans go, I haven’t really got any. Next week today I’ll be getting ready to enjoy myself at Rock Werchter (a music festival, here in Belgium). I’m praying that the weather will be nice, because right now it is miserable. After for smelly days in a tent at an amazing festival, I’ll stick around in Brussels for a week or so then fly off to Turkey, as per usual.

I can’t decide whether to look forward to it or not. All I really want to do is sit by the poolside in my bikini with a book and enjoy the sun endlessly. I have a pretty large pile of books to read and I’m hoping to reach the end of it by the end of August. ‘The end of August’, that sounds so far, but so near. I fear that summer will pass all too quickly, just as this school year did and pretty soon I’ll be back to my daily routine and starting my final year at school. That gives me the shivers. In a year from now, I’ll be finishing up my baccalaureate and getting ready for a brand new life. I look forward to it all, but it just scares me so much! There’s so much I don’t know. But I better not dwell on it now… I’m sure there will be dozens of posts related to my fear of the future as of next September. Let’s get back to summer.

So, the weather is miserable in Brussels, but I’m looking forward to long summer days and sunny beaches (as well as lots and lots of reading) in Turkey. I can’t wait to go to my summer house and enjoy waking up to the sound of the soft breeze brushing through the leaves of the willow trees, then falling asleep beneath the stars to the music of cicadas! I can take out my bike and cycle to the nearby village… pick some fresh summer vegetables from the gardens and just enjoy every bit of nature that is inaccessible in a city like Brussels. I’m also hoping to switch my creativity on, and maybe get writing a little bit. I feel like I’m only capable of formulating sentences that actually make sense when I’m away from the stress of school and homework. Just thinking about it makes me feel relaxed. Summer 2013 had better live up to my expectations because it’s practically my last before university!

I’ll keep you all updated with what I am up to, where I’m at and how things are going. Hopefully, I’ll be posting more songs of the week and getting back on track with my not-a-journal. Expect a post upon my return from the festival and perhaps a couple more in between. I hope your summers will be as wonderful.


Word of the Day?

Given that I have exams, I decided to make a simple post that will keep you busy and hopefully teach you something new 🙂 I am going to put up the definition of words that I think are beautiful and hopefully which you have not yet come across. Here it goes, this is my favourite so far:

Su-sur-rus [soo-sur-uhs]
1. a soft murmuring or rustling sound; whisper.

It’s sunny in Brussels today.

It’s sunny in Brussels today and it was sunny yesterday, and the day before that too.
I’ve decided to seize this rare occasion to write a blog post because I feel like I haven’t done so in such a long time!

Ever since the end of February, my life has been busy, busy, busy. February sounds like a very distant time from now, but I still can’t seem to get my head around how quickly time went by. Now it’s June… a month of sun (I hope).

I’ve been revising for my exams as well as doing some heavy procrastination. I can’t bring myself to participate in any activities because it makes me feel guilty that I’m not revising,  so I feel better sitting in front of my books and wasting time on the internet. There’s only a  week left until my exams and that helps to a certain extent because it obliges me to use my time more wisely.

Having said that, last night I went to see The Hangover Part III with my friends. Was it worth going to the cinema and paying 8 euros for that movie? Yes, because hello Bradley Cooper. Did it make me laugh? Occasionally. Were there any good jokes that you can remember? None at all. The Hangover is just one of those movies that you laugh loads at and then leave without recalling a single word. This doesn’t really apply to the first one because I still remember jokes from that but the second and third, not so much. I had a good time either way, and I would see it again just to see Bradley Cooper under the strobe lights at Caesar’s Palace (and I won’t say anything more – no spoilers). So if you’re looking for some fun to cool it off before or after your exams, it’s a good movie.

Anyway, I have to get back to the garden where I have set up my study area and resume revising for biology!

Don’t Turn a Blind Eye to the World.

Don't Turn a Blind Eye to the World.

This, in a rather irrelevant way, reminds me of the character of Erasmus Kemp from ‘Sacred Hunger’, a book I am reading in my English class by Barry Unsworth. I haven’t completed the book, but so far the character is the definition of having sight and no vision. He’s so fixed-minded it makes you want to punch him with the hope of knocking some understanding into him!



Sadly, there have been some terrible events going on in Turkey. When citizens of Istanbul were peacefully protesting the demolishment of a very popular and old park, Gezi Parki, in Istanbul, near Taksim the police got violent and the media remained silent. While war was breaking out between the citizens and the policemen, the media was still streaming series and shows. People in their homes in Turkey tried to cooperate with protesters via Facebook and Twitter sharing WiFi passwords so that everyone can remain in touch with each other. The government was blocking phone services and the internet, disabling any access for help and trying to keep all of this a secret! But it wasn’t enough. All of Turkey is standing up – the rest of the world is standing up. There are protests going on all over Europe for Turkey. It became more than just a protest against the demolishment of the park. The governments recent decisions of banning alcohol and freedom of speech had taken their toll. All over Turkey, in the big cities people are walking, people are fighting for their freedom because this is not okay. #occupygezi

Read more about what’s going on here.