Buzz, buzzy, buzy, busy, busy, busy.

Wow, it’s been forever!
I don’t even know what happened over the past 2 months to let time pass me by. It was my birthday, then parties and extra-curricular commitments, school trips then WHAM! Easter in Turkey – a big fat rush, back to school, my sister’s graduation and somehow things are back to normal for a day or two before the hectic rhythm of my life picks up again on Friday.
In some ways I can’t complain because I’ve been so consumed in being active, I have little to no time to think.
In some ways, I am just longing for summer to come and never to leave… but then summer scares me because there is such a vast amount of emptiness and space and time to fill that I start to think and thinking means changing and one thing leads on to another and next thing you know, I will be wanting to do something completely ridiculous and I will have myself regretting it a month later.
I guess it’s just best to let time go by and let it play its mind games on m. There’s only about 9 weeks until summer and 1 of those weeks will be exams. I should sit back and try and enjoy the ride. It will be my last school bound summer so I probably deserve to not think. Come September I will be forced to do nothing but thinking and working… That feeling can wait until then and now I’ll just get on with what’s on my plate…

P.S. Sorry I haven’t been able to keep up with the checklist of things I wanted to post. Things have been too busy. I promise to keep to it all even if it is extremely delayed. My motto is always better late than never (see I’m generally always late to everywhere and everything… but only fashionably)!

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2 thoughts on “Buzz, buzzy, buzy, busy, busy, busy.

  1. Too much thinking can lead to depression. Home you find that calm center amid your hectic activity.

    • Thanks. To be entirely honest, I have still got the same amount of workload. I am just thankful that spring is here and soon summer will be too. My only real calm centre is the time I spare for taking care of myself and clicking the ‘refresh’ button every now and again; that’s good enough!(?)

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