I’m Still Alive!

Hey everyone!

Just a quick post to say that I am still alive, no need to worry… 😛
Turkey has been incredibly busy – I’ve been all over the place doing all sorts of things.
I visited my granparents in Ankara on Thursday until Sunday afternoon. Now I’m back in Istanbul. Yesterday was shopping and today was going to my summer house. It was so sunny and warm, I was in shorts and a tank top. I rode my bike just like during the summer and I wished so much for it all to come back. This year has gone by quite fast as it is. It excites me to know that the holidays are coming soon but it also scares the living hell out of me because that leaves me only one more year of high school and a heck of a lot of decision making… aaah

But I’m not supposed to worry now. I’m going to sit back and read my book and fall asleep and wake up to a beautiful mornign tomorrow!

Nightie-night 🙂

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One thought on “I’m Still Alive!

  1. Istanbul. Summer house. Bike riding and (blush) shorts and tank top. Now I’m dreaming of summer. Guess that means we’re both living in the future! Better to stay in the now where all the action is. Thanks for sharing!

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