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Graduation = Celebration

Graduation = Celebration

Here are a bunch of photos from my sister’s graduation last week. She finished her Masters degree in TU Delft in the Netherlands and we went out for a celebration dinner. Naturally, our photos are not even close to serious!

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the story of success

As Nietzsche would agree and promote

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Hey everyone!
A while back I made a post about all the things that I was planning on posting in the near future. I am pretty sure that the near future has outdone me and passed me by, so I apologise for the delay, but here is a post concerning item #1: My history project.

I based my history project on wartime propaganda in films during WWII. I started off with a small list of topics that I thought would be interesting to study. One of them was cinema. Then I tried to come up with an interesting question I could ask myself about cinema and came up with propaganda in movies and I moved my focus to WWII as we are now studying that in class.

So far I have done not enough research… 😀
I did a small presentation on Casablanca last week which was pretty interesting. I hadn’t watched Casablanca before despite that we own the DVD of it, and while I was doing my research I read that it was one of the best propaganda films in history! Surprised as I was, I popped the DVD into the DVD player and watched it from beginning to end. I was really expecting it to just be a love story but I kept an eye out for all the wartime messages being conveyed to the audience. Any of you Casablanca lovers out there might want to watch it once again but with a different eye.

I have so far discovered that the most successful wartime propaganda films are those which don’t actually show the war. Sure, watching a big old movie about WWII will have a lot of propaganda in it, but people will be able to relate to soldier life less than everyday life which is exactly why Casablanca is such a great hit. See it doesn’t show the lives of soldiers, it focuses on a woman and a man in a difficult situation. The key is that all the while, there are German and French soldiers, financial difficulties and many, many people trying to escape from Europe. The audience picks up on these people, and on the behaviour of the citizens as they can relate to it very easily.

There are some other bits and bobs that I have read about in relation to my project but I had best keep them to myself for a while as I haven’t yet concluded anything… I should really get some more work done! If you haven’t watched Casablanca, don’t forget to do so 🙂

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Buzz, buzzy, buzy, busy, busy, busy.

Wow, it’s been forever!
I don’t even know what happened over the past 2 months to let time pass me by. It was my birthday, then parties and extra-curricular commitments, school trips then WHAM! Easter in Turkey – a big fat rush, back to school, my sister’s graduation and somehow things are back to normal for a day or two before the hectic rhythm of my life picks up again on Friday.
In some ways I can’t complain because I’ve been so consumed in being active, I have little to no time to think.
In some ways, I am just longing for summer to come and never to leave… but then summer scares me because there is such a vast amount of emptiness and space and time to fill that I start to think and thinking means changing and one thing leads on to another and next thing you know, I will be wanting to do something completely ridiculous and I will have myself regretting it a month later.
I guess it’s just best to let time go by and let it play its mind games on m. There’s only about 9 weeks until summer and 1 of those weeks will be exams. I should sit back and try and enjoy the ride. It will be my last school bound summer so I probably deserve to not think. Come September I will be forced to do nothing but thinking and working… That feeling can wait until then and now I’ll just get on with what’s on my plate…

P.S. Sorry I haven’t been able to keep up with the checklist of things I wanted to post. Things have been too busy. I promise to keep to it all even if it is extremely delayed. My motto is always better late than never (see I’m generally always late to everywhere and everything… but only fashionably)!

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It’s all long gone now…

I arrived back last Saturday, and in all honesty I do not know how the past couple of weeks went by. They were as quick as a breeze and I plunged back into school work so quickly that they’re only a distant memory now. I miss it though.

At this moment I am drowning in an essay I am writing about Satan in Paradise Lost and I really shouldn’t be ‘blogging’ but I can only take so much of Milton in at a time. I will be posting photos of my vacation shortly and I also hope to be making a post about my history project as promised so stay in touch with my blog that is so far from being a journal.

Right, back to Milton now!


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I’m Still Alive!

Hey everyone!

Just a quick post to say that I am still alive, no need to worry… 😛
Turkey has been incredibly busy – I’ve been all over the place doing all sorts of things.
I visited my granparents in Ankara on Thursday until Sunday afternoon. Now I’m back in Istanbul. Yesterday was shopping and today was going to my summer house. It was so sunny and warm, I was in shorts and a tank top. I rode my bike just like during the summer and I wished so much for it all to come back. This year has gone by quite fast as it is. It excites me to know that the holidays are coming soon but it also scares the living hell out of me because that leaves me only one more year of high school and a heck of a lot of decision making… aaah

But I’m not supposed to worry now. I’m going to sit back and read my book and fall asleep and wake up to a beautiful mornign tomorrow!

Nightie-night 🙂

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