I forgot to mention…

I am back, but I am leaving… tomorrow… at 6am.

Yes indeed, I have become a traveler! In fact, I just calculated… as of tomorrow, in the past 39 days I will have been in 7 different countries! I always have weird timesin my life, when suddenly all these trips and holidays overlap and I find myself in fifty different places all at once. Most of the time, I’m more low key and don’t exit the boundaries of Benelux, and if I ever do, it’s only ever to Turkey to visit my family. But I have to admit I am enjoying this life. Tiring as it is, it’s also very enjoyable and it feels good to not have too much free time. It makes me realize how much time I waste doing nothing productive. I wish I had an annoying sibling or friend who would always drag me around to places and make me do things actively… Or I just wish my life was like this more often!

Anyhoo, I don’t want to blabber on and on. This is a rather unproductive post in itself as I should really be packing considering the flight I have to catch at 8am tomorrow (#firstworldproblems)

To cut a long story short, I’d like to apologize for my absences and I will try my best to keep you all posted while I’m in Turkey for the next two weeks. I also apologize for not having posted anything ultra-intriguing recently. I really need to get back on track with “Song of the Week” and with posting some of my own writings that are not just made up on the spot (kind of like this one). I’ll seek some inspiration in Turkey (which I’m not looking forward to that much but let’s see how it all turns out).

See y’all! 🙂

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