What the F***!?

So, I was supposed to go on a school trip like all of my other friends in the ENTIRE YEAR GROUP, until ours conveniently got cancelled and now we are stuck in snowy old Belgium and we won’t have a single memory from our 6th year trip… Well, we will make the most of our “trip” stuck here, but still… it won’t beat sunny Portugal and surfing and spending the week on the beach 😦
Argh :/

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4 thoughts on “What the F***!?

  1. Katie Renee says:

    Blargh. Inconvenient.

  2. Just to let ya know.. I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! 😉

    • Oh wow! Thanks!!! I’m really honoured I have to admit :3 I wish I could give my blog more content but my English teacher always says just write… whatever it is, just write!
      Good job nominating Dan Goode too (: He’s awesome 😀

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