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Killing Time At The Airport

I would have posted this there and then had my phone and sim card not been so uncooperative, but such is life! Anyhoo, I arrived at the airport rather bright and early and had about an hour to kill until boarding even started, so I just strolled and cruised through the shops aimlessly as I was too poor to buy anything and then finally I found myself in a Starbucks with a pretty view of airplanes and a book 🙂

This just made me laugh! Don't be fooled: Belgium is now sweet sunny paradise... Stick to your usual holiday destinations such as the Caribbean and Hawaii!

This just made me laugh! Don’t be fooled: Belgium is now sweet sunny paradise… Stick to your usual holiday destinations such as the Caribbean and Hawaii!

A bit of nostalgia... I miss Portugal :(

A bit of nostalgia… I miss Portugal 😦

My final destination in Brussels Airport - Starbucks with my book and a pretty view (which I should have taken a photo of too)!

My final destination in Brussels Airport – Starbucks with my book and a pretty view (which I should have taken a photo of too)!

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Greetings from Turkey!

Well, the title is explanatory as it is: I have arrived safe and sound.

Yesterday was just a boring old day in which I was just sleep deprived and did nothing productive. Today was quite the opposite. I woke up at 8am and went out at 10am hunting for a dress to wear at my cousins wedding. I only managed to throw myself back into the house at 10pm but with success! I will finalise it tomorrow and buy the dress: SCORE!

Anyhoo, just saying hello!
With love, justyourtypicalprototype!

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Song Of The Week:

I realized that I’ve never posted a Turkish song on my blog, and given that I am in Istanbul I figured this would be very, very suitable. I love, love, love this song! It’s very beautiful and the images in the video will give you a taste of the beautiful city. The title means “Autumn in Istanbul” (but let’s pretend it’s spring).
But anyway, what are you waiting for? Hit play! I promise you won’t regret it… 🙂

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Something to keep you all going

As you are all reading this, I will probably be soaring high above the clouds in an airplane… This is just a post to show you all some of the things that I have been up to (aside from all the travelling) and that I hope to make posts about in the near future.

  1. History Project – We are doing a big project in history based on a subject of our own choice. Mine is to do with film propaganda during WWII (any contributions are more than welcome!) I hope to share with you somethings that I learn and find interesting throughout my research. 
  2. Reviews – I hope to write some reviews, or at least one review on a film that I have watched and/or a book that I have recently read. I’ve watched quite a few recently, and read a couple too! I hope I find some time or rather I hope I am disciplined enough to remember to make some time for it.
  3. Photos – Ever since I went to Portugal I realized how much I want to take more photos. I hope to do so and post them here, at least occasionally!
  4. Creative writing – I haven’t done any of that in a while… I feel like my mind is not clear or free enough. I did some during the summer when I was feeling really relaxed, and honestly I haven’t been in that kind of a situation since last September, but I will try my best.
  5. Any other daily, random things that I wish to share with you all, because that’s just what I do and because this is definitely not a journal 😉

So, that’s it really… I know it’s not much, but it’s a start.

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I forgot to mention…

I am back, but I am leaving… tomorrow… at 6am.

Yes indeed, I have become a traveler! In fact, I just calculated… as of tomorrow, in the past 39 days I will have been in 7 different countries! I always have weird timesin my life, when suddenly all these trips and holidays overlap and I find myself in fifty different places all at once. Most of the time, I’m more low key and don’t exit the boundaries of Benelux, and if I ever do, it’s only ever to Turkey to visit my family. But I have to admit I am enjoying this life. Tiring as it is, it’s also very enjoyable and it feels good to not have too much free time. It makes me realize how much time I waste doing nothing productive. I wish I had an annoying sibling or friend who would always drag me around to places and make me do things actively… Or I just wish my life was like this more often!

Anyhoo, I don’t want to blabber on and on. This is a rather unproductive post in itself as I should really be packing considering the flight I have to catch at 8am tomorrow (#firstworldproblems)

To cut a long story short, I’d like to apologize for my absences and I will try my best to keep you all posted while I’m in Turkey for the next two weeks. I also apologize for not having posted anything ultra-intriguing recently. I really need to get back on track with “Song of the Week” and with posting some of my own writings that are not just made up on the spot (kind of like this one). I’ll seek some inspiration in Turkey (which I’m not looking forward to that much but let’s see how it all turns out).

See y’all! 🙂

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Back from Portugal!

Hi everyone,
It’s been about a week now I think. As you may or may not know, I was away in Ericeira, Portugal which I believe is heaven on earth. I have never been to such a beautiful and friendly place. I loved it and in all honesty I am very sad to be back. Surfing is the best sport ever even though I’m not at all that good yet. I’m very keen to learn though… It’s amazing to get up on a board and ride a wave! My friends and I have already promised that we will go again next October and I think we will start making arrangements very, very soon.
You can catch a couple of snapshots of the place (and me) right here!

Hope you didn’t miss me too much!

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Look Mum!

This I could not leave without posting! It honestly made me smile 🙂

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Piece #2

The 6 O’clock News

(A news anchor sitting facing the audience. She hears some news in her earpiece and shifts as they are about to go on air…)

(Energetic) Good evening America and welcome to the 6 o’clock news broadcasting to you through social media. To watch all our latest stories don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

(With a more serious and sad tone)Ladies and gentlemen a tragedy occurred last night in New York City when a brand new iPhone 5 and its owner were crushed on a busy road. She was due to be picked up by her parents across the road from where she takes dance courses. She appears to have been text messaging into her favourite TV show. Eye witnesses reported that she just crossed at a red light without even taking so much as a glimpse at the road. Videos of the horrendous scene are leaking onto the internet as we speak, some of which already have over a million hits!

Tonight as news anchor, to honor this young girl’s death and to prevent future accidents of this kind I would like to take some moments to discuss just how drastically social networks and smartphones have taken over our lives. (Her phone vibrates) Oh one second, this might be important. (Suddenly in a very different tone) OMG! This is so cute! I am so totally going to ‘Like’ thi… (Breaks off midsentence realizing she’s still on air and returns to her TV personality self) Oh sorry, I just received a text message regarding a very important issue about… um, Israel. But back on track, we have here the case of a twelve-year-old girl, so young and so innocent. The question is should she really own a smartphone? All around the world, text messaging, tweeting, posting on Facebook and playing angry birds has become a trend… a trend that we cannot seem to get over! Technology is evolving constantly and introducing newer and faster ways to communicate and socialize across the web. I’d like to discuss this in depth with my audience sitting behind the TV. Write your thoughts and send us a text at 3324. If you are streaming this from YouTube, you can also send us a tweet @SickSadWorld with #technology.  We’ll be waiting to hear from you!

In the meantime, let’s see what the weather’s like. North Africa will be confronting a long period of no rainfall. A drought seems to be coming their way, so use your water cautiously! Central Europe however will be suffering from a very long winter season. Snowfall will be expected throughout the months of February and March, a very unusual situation for the Europeans. Clearly, all that global warming scientists have been warning us about has begun to affect us. Speaking of global warming, is it hot in the studio or is it just me? Can we get some air conditioning in here? Phew, I think I just dropped a sweat.

(Hearing something in her earpiece) Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like it’s time for a short break. We’ll be right back ready to discuss the use of smartphones and how much our lives have been manipulated by technology. Keep tweeting! See you after the break.

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Piece #1

A few words before you begin; I really advise you all to read about Mata Hari, if you are att all interested in history. I really loved her story, and enjoyed being her for a time period of 4 minutes truly!

My Eternal Aura

(Martha’s Dream is playing while Mata Hari is tracing the perimeters of her prison cell. Mata is developing some of her dancing skills. She is trying out new moves and new routines. Her mind is distant. She is not achieving what she wishes too.)

(Calmly and in disbelief) I can’t believe this. I can’t believe this injustice. (Her frustration escalates) I’ve become worst at what I do best; I can’t even dance anymore! What’s the use anyway? I’ve only been fooling myself this whole time. (Getting up) I managed to make my way out of every tangled lie, by seducing men and dancing for my life, but I’ve really done it this time, haven’t I? (Stops. Calmly) I’ve taken it too far… (Doubtfully) But have I? Is it too much to ask for some affection? (Her frustration escalates again)Is it too much to want a life worth living? Everyone around me, all the family and friends I’ve ever had, they think they’re living but they’re barely alive! They don’t even know what living is. I’ve seen the world. I’ve been East, I’ve been West, I’ve lived in all the big cities of Western Europe, (with great passion) and I’ve been alive! I’m just looking for some fun. What do I care for German and French war affairs? I’m just a dancer, and I live to travel, is that so hard to accept that they have to throw me in this cold and dark cell? Is this where it ends? Is this why it ends? (There is a brief pause as she realizes that this may very well be the end. She resumes some dance moves, just small hand gestures). My friends were right. They used to say to me, “Margaretha, you are an orchid in a field of dandelions.” I knew what they meant. I was. (Lifting her head, and broadening her chest as she remember who she was, who she is, and who she will forever be)Amongst all these pretty blonde babies, there I stood out; a darker and deeper shade of everyone else. (Quieter)They may not want me anymore, but that’s okay. I am Mata Hari, I am an orchid, and all these soldiers are just a troop of dandelions who cannot bare my beauty, my talents or my lifestyle. They can’t bruise me. I am not worst at what I do best. I won’t forget my passion and I will never give it up nor will I ever give in to these cold-blooded Neanderthals. (Suddenly becoming aware of a soldier approaching she resumes her dance) It’s time. This orchid will never die. This orchid will live on.

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Before I Go…

Before I go off on my trip, I want to post two things:

This week I had my LAMDA exam. I did devised performance which meant I had to create two of my own pieces, developing a character from scratch based on some criteria that I was given. This was my 8th and final grade, so I really hope it went well (it feels like it did).

I wrote and acted out two short pieces. One had to be based on a myth, legend or historical event and the other had to be based on a topical issue. I chose to be Mata Hari, the woman spy of World War I and for my second piece I was a two-faced news anchor ridiculing humanity (myself included) in an exaggerated manner.
I will post these now. I wish I could have filmed it, because it would mean more that way, but this will have to do… You will all have to imagine me acting it out! 🙂

Enjoy, and don’t forget I am always open to feedback and constructive criticism.

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