Excitement and Stress

These coming weeks are going to be the busiest of 2013.
I’ve already managed to survive my first big busy event. On Friday, I had my early birthday party at home. I invited some girls over, and told them to dress nice and be as daring as they wished to be as we rarely have the opportunity to wear pretty dresses and high heels. We had a really big dinner which was delicious and chatted loads. I felt rather sorry for my folks who had to put up with the loud music, laughter and well, eventually the mess we made. But heck, it only happens once a year and it was great fun! It was really stressful preparing everything as school has been intense this last week as we unexpectedly had an extra week off. All of my teachers have been giving us extra homework so that we can catch up on all the things we should have done. Anyway, I’m pleased to say that I survived… sort of… with the exception of the sniffles that came knocking on my door this morning.

On Tuesday I shall be going to London with my philosophy class. We are going to be listening to a four hour lecture, which is actually not as horrific as it sounds especially given that we have the rest of the time all for ourselves to go shopping!

Then, on Friday it’s my birthday!!! WOOPWOOP. Guess who’s turning 17? Yes indeed, I am.
I am so glad it’s on a Friday as I can come home at 13:00 and stuff my face with cake, then go out and party with my friends! To top it all off, on Saturday there’s this crazy thing called Europarty. It takes place every year and it’s for all the European Schools to come together and rave. Last year it was sick. The music, the drinks, the people. This year, they promise it’s going to be even better as the venue is a quality place. They had better not break their promise as the prices escalated this year too! Anyway, that will be my weekend as I plan to sleep all through Sunday.

The week after, I am going to France for two days with my history class to visit some war sites as well as some museums. It’s not as exciting as London or Europarty but a getaway from school is always better than school itself. Apparently the hostel we are staying at has a swimming pool so we are allowed to bring our bathing suits. When we all saw it on the checklist we sort of chuckled. I really don’t want my teacher to see me in a bathing suit, nor do I want to see him in his. Yuck!
Then again, that Saturday an 18th birthday party will be taking place and I shall be attending.
If I survive the proceeding week, I will be rewarded with a compulsory school trip to Portugal to go surfing for one week followed by two weeks of Easter holidays.

Although I am terribly excited for all these upcoming events, I don’t know how I will manage juggling everything without passing out. It’s not like school will go on halt. Life will keep moving and I will just have to chase after everything. I hate this feeling, but I am loving my life!

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One thought on “Excitement and Stress

  1. As we used to say in the village, “Many Happy Returns”.

    I hope you have the best birthday ever. At least till next year when it’s even better.

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