In the end they promise us happiness
Through all the hazy chaos
The sun’s supposed to shine
Revealing a world, so divine.
But when the time comes and that day is not yet arrived,
Hearts will break at the horrendous sight.

The destination isn’t worth it but the journey’s all that;
I’ve come some what way, lost in the paths of life.
Trust is broken and so is the world.
There doesn’t seem to be
Anything to find in this dying spherical mass.

Everything you know gets twisted
All you believe never existed.
The case is lost,
The lights are off
But it’s not yet the promised end.

Desperation brings you back.
But hope is lost
Trust won’t come back.

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  1. hey, I enjoyed this even though it’s somber in tone. anyone who hasn’t ever felt “lost in the paths of life” hasn’t taken enough chances or has a heart of stone. i’ve found as i’ve aged (and im only 26) that our perspective really changes. we learn how devastating and overwhelming life can be. i love poetry—it packs so much power of expression. Im a singer/songwriter and I find that adding the color of music to good poetic lyrics is just amazing. I recently started a video blog discussing the creative process and the evolving music world from my perspective as a songwriter. anyway, good post. keep it up thanks!

  2. Hey! Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I love poetry too although sometimes I find it hard to get some of it down on paper. I really have to be in the ‘right state of mind’ and generally speaking also in a different environment so that there’s a new element to it (unlike this one where I walk over thoughts and ideas which have been talked about much before).
    I just checked out some of your videos; I think it’s good what you’re doing and I hope it gets appreciated as much as it deserves (:

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