Today’s Disappointment

I’m sad. Even on a good day I’ll be sad without a valid reason. I try to understand why and question myself but I can’t always put my finger on it. It’s subconscious  It has to be. But it sucks the fun out of life. You know, you try to do something nice for yourself and you try to have fun but you only wind up being sad again. Like a vicious never-ending cycle. Everything has consequences. But I just want to get rid of this feeling. I want to come home and feel liberated after my fresh day out. I just don’t feel that way. I hope this doesn’t last otherwise my life will consist of an unknown emptiness.

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6 thoughts on “Today’s Disappointment

  1. lemur1993 says:

    I think everyone feels that way at times. And it’s always worse when you don’t have a reason.

    • Yeah. In some ways I do have reason to be unhappy but it’s not specific, sort of inconclusive, and it was in a situation where I was trying to be anything but unhappy. I guess it’s disappointing. Thanks though c:

  2. Happens to me too!
    Guess it’s just another teenage-thing..
    Some music always helps me out. 🙂

  3. thefroglyprince says:

    I sometimes get this way too, and wish there was some magical words or actions that could snap me out of it. The best thing I have found is to just try to keep busy. My brain does a good enough job kicking itself without giving it a bunch of free time.

    • I wish. Just to get me out of whatever situation it is that’s making me feel the way I am.
      That’s something I do on occasions, but this was strange because I was keeping myself busy in a positive way but I was somehow unsatisfied. Thanks

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