This is the life!

As my school is closed for the rest of this week (and next week which is the Carnaval holidays) due to a gas leak, I have taken this opportunity to explore the city.
Today I wandered off into town and walked through streets, old and new. I was particularly on the hunt for LPs to play on my record player – it seemed it was the right time to broaden my collection at home. I went to the usual store I always go to, then I wandered further through unknown streets and found plenty of new stores with great collections! I came home with a total of four new records which I am rather proud of. I have a David Bowie album, a Beach Boys album, a Kinks album and a Tom Jones album. Can’t wait to listen to them all.
I also visited a shop called ‘Les Petits Riens’ which is a second hand store found in various places. I found a perfect vintage black bag and cannot wait to further wear it out!

See, this really is the life! No useless school work, just exploration and discoveries. It was so perfect. I cannot wait to spend the rest of the next weeks like this. It also seems the perfect occasion to start using my lomography camera (Diana F+) which I spent my morning reading about, so I should be all set.

I hope I can post more about my new and exotic life, exploring the city…

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2 thoughts on “This is the life!

  1. dangoode says:

    Sounds really cool 🙂 I wish my school had a gas leak ahaha 😛

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