Why does exciting and dangerous shit always happen in my absence?

On Friday around 14:30 the fire alarm at my school sounded and everyone left the building. It was a gas leak. The police, the fire brigade, ambulances and news reporters surrounded the perimeter of the school as the primary students were evacuated along with the residents of the nearby houses. Meanwhile, I was at home having lunch as I finish at 13:00 on Fridays. The rest of my fellow students from high school, were standing outside in the rain, on the football field either crying because they were afraid, laughing because they were in disbelief, or having fist fights. Yes… fist fights, because that’s how disciplined out ‘private school’ is. The staff had lost the keys to the emergency exit gates from the football field, so the police had to use an axe to break it open; sadly this was no use as they decided that it would be safe to wait inside the sports hall until all the power was switched off and the risks were brought to a minimum. After about 2 hours, they all got let out of the building and were taken home by the school buses.

All this, and I wasn’t there. Although, in some respects I am so glad I wasn’t there, because I mean, who wants to be under great risk of blowing up? But seriously, a gas leak? No emergency keys? What kind of a disaster would it have been if luck wasn’t on their side?

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