Conor Oberst, I love you.

I got back from the Conor Oberst concert 2 hours ago, and I still cannot get over how moving and perfect it was. I’ve just been repeatedly playing his songs on my guitar, trying helplessly to sound half as good.
My friend was amazing enough to accompany me as well as buy me the ticket as a Christmas present and we were the only two ‘freaks’ (but really the others don’t know what they missed) from my 3000 pupil school attending; not to mention we were by far the youngest there. The concert opened with Simone Felice which was already great – I arrived at the concert only knowing a single song by him and left with so many more in my head. Following that, a very humble but beautifully honest Conor Oberst (you may also be familiar with him as Bright Eyes) came on stage, picked up his guitar, sat down and started playing. I’m actually sad to say I no longer remember what the opening song was, except that I knew it very well and the song after that was “First Day Of My Life”. It was all perfect: the way he poured his heart into the songs, the concert hall, the lighting… The best moments came later though. I most enjoyed “At The Bottom Of Everything” which is my favourite song and it sounded just that much better live and raw. His final performance was also amazing. The more he went wild, the more I felt wild. I would give anything to go back. It was just such a good feeling, despite that I felt out of place among all the 20-30 year old people who were, on occasions quite unresponsive as an audience… I mean, at a certain point, Conor got off stage and was literally on somebody, holding the mic out, trying to get someone to sing along and no one sang until he said, “You fucking kidding me?” – and not knowing the words was no excuse as it consisted only of la’s! I felt slightly more out of place when we got out, and went to get some merchandise… I met Simone, which was amazing as I now own a signed CD, but it just seemed like even he was thinking “Wow, these people are way too young”. I had a great time, and no one can blame me for having good taste in music!
Thank you once again Conor, Simone and co. for such a great night. I would stay up all night just listening to your vinyl record and Simone’s new album, but sadly I have to go to school tomorrow…
Come again soon.
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