Don’t Hold Me Back

Let’s drink and drink and then forget.
Drain out the thoughts that hurt so bad.
Don’t stop me tonight. Just leave me be.
I want to be alone, my vodka and me.
At the end of the night.
Or the crack of dawn.
Take my hand and say it’ll be alright.
Light a lighter and burn my skin.
Commemorate the night that’s been.
It may hurt but that’s alright.
Pain is now a friend of mine.
And when we’re done let’s live it up.
Lie down to watch the sun come up.
The cold morning air will give us chills.
And we’ll move together as our bodies touch.
When the day breaks we’ll close our eyes.
Rest together beneath the shadow of the previous night.
Waking up dazed, reality will wash us over.
No witnesses to prove or evidence to find but there’s a pain that’s creeping over.
A crucifying headache and an itch on my left hand.
I stare down and meet the pain, the burn that proves it was all true.

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