My teen crisis got in the way of me posting about my trip to London!
So, I got back yesterday morning, and as I had to get up ridiculously early after having done two days of non-stop running around I was super unproductive and did nothing but sleepwalk around the house. I guess that’s also what I owe the absence of this post to.
Anyway, we got there on Thursday night, and after taking a quick look at the public pianos in St. Pancras which my sister cannot stop talking about (and which admittedly are very cool) we headed to her teeny, tiny but cosy place. We woke up early the next morning to get a nice full day and my mum and I navigated ourselves around Hackney and then to Westfield in Stratford while my sister was busy at work. We ended the day with a nice meal at Jamie’s Italian – do go there if you haven’t already been; I had the tastiest pasta ever. Then came Saturday morning which we started off just as early and ended even later. We basically spent the entire day wondering around Oxford street which was fine until  we couldn’t feel the soles of our feet at which point we decided to go to a nice pub for some fish and chips.

The trip was short but great fun and a nice way to end my holidays too…
The downside was that we got home past midnight, packed, went to bed and had to get up at about 7 (which was only about 4 hours of sleep after 2 insanely active days) and hurry to catch our train back to Brussels.

Oh, and you wouldn’t believe it but just as we were checking in with our tickets guess who I saw in the queue beside us? Three people from the main cast of the series I was in for an episode. I have a feeling that my jaw dropped and I gawped at one of the girls for what was definitely longer than a second… it was too early and I was too tired to control myself. Hope she recognized me and didn’t take it the wrong way!

Here’s some photos from London!


On Regent street with my mum!IMAG1015


London 2013

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3 thoughts on “London 2013

  1. Katie Renee says:

    Those pictures are lovely! Glad you got to enjoy a brief vacation. 🙂

    All the other stuff will work itself out.

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