New Years Resolutions

This is a bit sad, but I haven’t been able to come up with a good new years resolution for myself this year. Of course there are plenty of things that I would like to accomplish but they’re all so ‘drifty’ and just not solid enough to say, “Hey, this year I will do this”. Hence the delay in this post…
But I’ve tried to put some stuff together and here it is:

1. Stop stressing – I know this is literally impossible but I have to aim high to at least achieve a level of less stress-iness. 2012 has been too stressful and that’s partly my fault. I’m too anxious and worried about everything and I need to learn to loosen up, that’s part of life too.

2. Exercise regularly – I figured this would be a nice combo with my first new years resolution in that it might relieve some stress. Also, it’s always good to stay healthy and fit. Besides, I have like the lowest stamina on the planet.

3. Spare more time toward being creative – I have to, have to, have to stop wasting my life away online. I need to limit my time online (as much as I love blogging and all that) in order to have more time to myself. And maybe that way I can stop complaining about my monotone life all the time…

4. Read more – This is just a general thing, also related to my 3rd resolution. Less time on the internet = more time to read books.

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