Belated Christmas Post

Due to all the chaos and rush of the season I’ve completely forgotten to talk about my awesome Christmas present(s). There are more than one, and I do love them all, and some more than others but the one that particularly excites me is my new Diana F+ Lomography camera! For those of you who are unfamiliar with this, here’s a website to explain it all. I can’t wait to use it 🙂

Alongside this present were others such as a dressmaking book (yay), and less exciting but still wonderful things such as socks, and pjs!

Sad that it’s all over now, but at least I have one whole year to enjoy all my new belongings.
What did you get for Christmas? 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Belated Christmas Post

  1. Looking forward to some photos on your site. Maybe fashion, as you previously noted. Or portraits. Those are two subjects I like to view but in general I only do landscape. Take care.

    • Hopefully I will have the time to discover my new camera. I got back from London yesterday and school starts tomorrow and I have exams in less than a week :s I’ll try not to disappoint though c:

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