‘Tis the Season to be… miserable.

Though I’d like to be celebrating Christmas somewhere exotic, or simply sitting at home doing nothing but eating I am busybusybusy studying. One could argue that I get the best of both worlds, but I think not… My exams start on the 14th of January, less than a months countdown, and I know nothing about phosopholipid bilayers, or Descartes, let alone the first world war… and that wouldn’t even suffice to pass my exams. I’m drowning in my 712 page (no joke) biology book trying helplessly to understand. But heck, who am I kidding, biology is like learning a new language. I mean what the actual fuck were they thinking when naming all these cells. I look up to any biologists out there, knowing that they must have been through a lot of hard work to achieve their current status.
Anyway, I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas whether it was in a hot exotic climate, or at home with their family! On that note I shall return to suffocating in my 712 page book, trying to get my head around the structure of a protein (sigh)…

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