Sunday, bloody Sunday.

Uh, I think this has been the worst Sunday ever, and to think I will have a holiday full of days like these. 
I just spent my entire day doing homework and studying and I still haven’t finished… 
I’d like to be looking forward to the holidays but now I’m just dreading them… 
My exams are in January and I will be spending the majority of my time trying to understand biology which is virtually impossible.
I hate this so much. I know I sound like a whining baby but I honestly do not know why the hell I even took this subject. It’s not like I want to use it in the future. 
Waste of my tiiiime 😥

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2 thoughts on “Sunday, bloody Sunday.

  1. Katie Renee says:

    Just remember, as soon as you are done, you never have to take it again. Your torment has an expiration date! 😀

    I always hated science, and I can’t say I miss it too much. Astronomy is a completely different story, and so is Oceanography and Earth Science. Those are super interesting subjects.

    Best of luck on your exams! Don’t forget to enjoy at least some of your Christmas/winter break. 🙂

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