7th of December 2012

The 7th of December is a day that I swear I will never, ever forget.
Last Friday, my mum and I drove all the way to Liege because I had been casted for a small part  in a TV series which will air on Nickelodeon (eventually… like in June). It was the experience of my life and I realized once again that this is what I have to do because this is what makes me happy.

I have to say though, the experience was good in one sense and bad in another.
It was great in that I got the experience and I enjoyed it, but it was bad because it showed me how little I had advanced in comparison to what I should be even to be on the permanent cast of such a show. It just hit me like a ton of bricks that I had to do so much more! Then I realized what a waste of time my school was… my school which focuses on no theatrical arts… my school where I take biology and history… my school where only 7 out of 31 hours a week are enjoyable. I couldn’t help thinking this way, the thought just wouldn’t leave my mind; even when I was sleeping. As a result, I was reluctant to get my ass out of bed on Sunday morning, and reluctant to revise for my biology test. When I finally did rise from my bed, it was in tears and I had to confront my parents about the situation.

I just can’t bare wasting my time doing something of 0 relevance to my future. I don’t want to ruin the little chance I have of actually becoming a full time actor. I need to and have to focus on that. I don’t need biology!

Now all I have to do is a ton of research in order to find a suitable school and education… I guess that’s a ‘yay’?

Why am I always so insecure and indecisive about my future?


Apologies for excessive rant… I guess I just had to let it all out!

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2 thoughts on “7th of December 2012

  1. Katie Renee says:

    A couple years ago I was forced to make a choice much like the one you are having to. I’d graduated from my two year college and I had to pick a major at my four year. It was between History (my passion) and Human Resources (the least offensive of all the business programs).

    Life is too short. Follow your dreams. I followed what I wanted to do in my heart and even though it hasn’t always been easy, and the money isn’t raining from the sky, I’m happy. Besides, I work in healthcare now. Relevance to either degree path? Absolutely nothing. You still have college to think about if you change your mind. You’ll still have an education. Most importantly, if you do get your education from a theatrical arts school, you’ll always be able to work in the field you love.

    As for the rant, of you can’t rant on the internet to a bunch of strangers that can either choose to read it or keep clicking… who can you rant to? LOL

    P.S. Congrats on the casting 🙂

    • Thanks for this message! I will try and take your advice. It’s going to be challenging though and it might mean I loose a year.
      I’m glad you followed what you wanted and it’s true – I always here that often you drift further from your initial studies… but I just want to actually get a shot at it, and for that to happen I need to do more than I’m doing at the moment.
      And you’re right – nothing better than a good old rant to be honest!
      Thank you! 🙂

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