Today I had to get out of bed and turn my acting game on despite having been sick for the previous 2 days.

Here’s why: I participate an English Youth Theater and each year we put on a play of some sort of grandeur. This year I was given the graceful role of a girl who had a weird mutation which consisted of a bad speech problem resulting in her saying ‘like’ about 15 times in each sentence; and her name was Geenoma.

The play is called Moontel Six and was written by Constance Congdon. Essentially, it’s supposed to portray the rights and wrongs of purposefully mutating animals. It’s a comedy. Geenoma and her five friends are mutants living on the moon, but they’re constantly on the run as they are being chased by the “Family Always Serves Community In Setting Things Straight” (F.A.C.S.I.S.T.S). The play opens with a small introduction and quickly transforms into a flashback telling the story of the Moontel Six. Finally, we return to the present.

There were some great moments, and I particularly enjoyed prolonging my excessive usage of the word ‘like’ – it was rather fun! I was the lucky one considering some of my fellow friends had the weirdest genes such as a half-jellyfish-half-human with a flatulence gene or a half-lizard-half-moth which is rather odd considering lizards eat moths.

Overall it was definitely some performance and I really enjoyed it.

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