Tamagotchi Nostalgia

I recently downloaded a Tamagotchi app onto my android phone.
I was browsing through the app store when I saw it, and reminisced back to the good old days when I was younger, and carried my Tamagotchi around with me everywhere. It was my most prized electronic and only electronic possession! I remember that it became so popular at a certain stage that suddenly all of the girls in my class had one and they had to ban them in school. So everyday when I left for school, I left my tamagotchi with my mum, and taught her how to take care of it. I even remember crying when it died the first time round! So now, I have this app on my phone that keeps reminding me of all this. Occasionally when I get bored, I check out what Tim is up to (Tim being my Tamagotchi’s name) and it’s kind of oddly nostalgic.

Note to self: buy a Tamagotchi for your future kid – coolest toy ever.

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2 thoughts on “Tamagotchi Nostalgia

  1. Pandaren says:

    IKR? Tamagotchis rock!!

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