Lonesome Heart

In my free time, I sit at home and stare at my computer screen, waiting for something exciting to happen.
Then I dream about feeling wild and free and making history.
Then I get depressed about how none of that will ever happen so long as I am seated behind this stupid screen.
But I don’t know how else it would happen anyway…
I mean, I don’t have any friends which I would classify as weird as I. None which I can talk about and be sure that they feel that same way or at least understand. So I guess a solution would be to go out and find some, but where? I’m stuck in this foreign, foreign country and suddenly feel like I don’t have any hobbies despite all the extra-curricular things I do.

Why? 😦

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2 thoughts on “Lonesome Heart

  1. I can relate. At such times even our fav hobbies desert us.

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