Designer To Model. Hip Hip Hooray.

Last year I was a designer at my schools fashion show. The process is as follows: you have a theme, a minimum of 5 designs, one sewn piece and you audition. You explain your aim, your goals and ideas to the co-ordinators and wait for the results. My friend and I got the green light, completely unaware of how wired up we’d be with sewing. Our theme was inspired through the past – trying to portray how fashion has become what it is today. It was a great experience and a proud moment when our creations were on stage.

Here’s some photos from the day:


“You Really Got Me”


Now those memories all belong to the past and the experience has almost faded from my heart… at least so I thought until one of the designers asked me if I could model for her. That, I was not expecting; what with my 1.60 height. But at least, now I get to sit back and enjoy the ride while refreshing my memory.

I’ll definitely be posting more about what I’m going to wear and such. Her theme is ‘La Vie En Rose’ – so to set the mood:

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