Summer Haze

Holding onto nothing,
Floating through thick air,
A vision of people; a tuft of lazy hair.
The wild roses rise above my knees,
I run faster still as they cling to my feet.

I have a perspective; it’s blind and so am I.
My hand moves a certain way as my eyelids stay at rest;
‘Art’ they call it, ‘art’ they say.
A series of words strung together,
You seek meaning but I seek all but nothing.
‘There is no meaning’ I wish to shout,
‘There never was nor will there ever be.’

01.08.2012, Elvan

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2 thoughts on “Summer Haze

  1. I enjoyed your poem, which I guess springs from that hollow feeling you report on Oct. 11th. For what it’s worth, my experience is that activity, once stopped, results in feelings of emptiness. In other words it’s natural to feel down or empty after engaging in a lot of activity. As it’s also unpleasant most people run out to find more activity rather than just experience the feeling which does goes away after a day or so. Through such escapism we become addicted to superficiality, and then our lives truly become empty. May your life be full.

  2. I follow through your logic c: Thank you, I hope it will be full too.
    I’m glad you enjoyed it – I actually wrote it some time ago but it also came from the same feeling, which I guess brought it back to me.

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