Les Diaboliques!

For any of you interested in horror-mystery-fantasy movies this is perfect. It’s a French movie (dating back to 1955) which we watched in my French class whilst studying horror-fantasy literature.

You spend a significant amount of time believing that each scene of the movie is another clue to the ending. In fact, you will probably watch the majority of the movie thinking, “How is this a mystery?” or, “This is so predictable” but if you’re patient enough, the second part of the movie is where the twist comes in. The wait might be a bit frustrating especially as the second part is such a short fraction of the entire plot. Nonetheless, the twist is shocking enough to engage the audience and the end a big cliffhanger.

Finally, a caution sign appears insisting that you not tell your friends what you have seen – so I will not do so. It’s too good to spoil!

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