Photo Day.

It’s photo day tomorrow. One of the most dreaded days of the school year. You spend the previous night fluffing up your hair and trying to pick an outfit that will look ideally perfect. This consumes about 2 hours of your day. Come the morning you feel insecure about your clothing and go through your wardrobe yet again finally deciding on what you had chosen the previous night – a complete waste of time. You splash on some make up as you are already late and shove your make up, hair brush, and mirror into your bag in which you have a spare top in case you decide to wear pink instead of blue. Then you dash to school and arrive in class, slightly sweaty. An hour later you’re in the queue to have your photo taken along with the rest of your class. You apply some last minute powder or foundation and ask your friend how you should smile. It’s almost your go, a glimpse in the mirror and before you know it some hairy old guy is positioning you on the table which is being used as a seat. Flash. It’s done.

Two weeks later, you will have before you a photo which does not even resemble you and despite all your efforts is worse than ever. Your friends ask you if they can see and although you want the photo to burn in hell, you know you want to see theirs too. They reassure you that you look gorgeous and they look terrible, so you reassure them that it is in fact the contrary.

That’s one school photo day. What a pointless day.

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