Boy, oh boy, I couldn’t agree with you anymore Daria. Honestly, coffee has been my fuel for the last few days. With not being able to get to sleep on time, and having to wake up at 6.30 am for the hopeless attempt of getting homework done, life gets tough.

But that’s not my point. This just seemed to be a suitable image. My point is ‘Daria’. This 90s MTV series is pleasantly cynical and very insightful. It’s down to earth and real. In fact sad truths of life are so over-exaggerated that the show becomes humorous and ironic. It’s a bit tragic to consider that the comical aspect stems from our very own reality. Unlike every other character on the show, Daria and her best friend Jane do not portray two typical high school stereotypes. On the contrary, they spend their time observing their peers and ultimately disapproving of the institution called ‘high school’. One could say Daria and Jane are a less generic, more original embodiment of the classic moral advice given to all teens: “be yourself“.

Although Daria is full of cynicism, she gains the audiences respect and sympathy through her sarcasm. She has a better grasp on the world and reality than any average teen.  What makes her stand apart is her plainspoken and commonsensical realism. It’s also what steers the show clear of being a cliche. Too bad it only lasts 5 seasons.

Definitely give it a watch. Every episode is just 20 minutes.

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