Dazed and Confused.

Most difficult moments or times in my life which are hard to digest are just hazy, numb memories which get carved into my subconscious despite that I would much rather erase  it from my life completely. These memories leave behind unanswered questions which hover in my mind clouding up my thoughts. They begin to dominate everything and all of a sudden I can’t see past them. Each and every question interferes with everything that is coming my way and I am too afraid to make a move; because every move that I make might have a terrible consequence and it might be a mistake. Unfortunately, time is my foe in this scenario. As the clock ticks those decisions that I hesitate to make become mandatory and hastily I make a choice. I don’t get to come to terms with my choices. I just have to make them. Because time goes on while my problems remain in the same position, only growing in size and not answering any of my questions. The world won’t wait for me. The world won’t wait for anyone. I’m constantly chasing after it, trying to pick up the pieces while my dad snatches them away from me and makes my journey of life a big, fat, mess. While he ruins my life to be, he creates his own. He loves his world where he is the master and I am just his product. I don’t want to be his product anymore but I don’t see how I will get out of this alive. Even Usain Bolt gets tired of running, how can I not?

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