My head has been aching consecutively for some days now. A kind of pain that feels like my brain surrendering to all the thinking it’s been doing. There’s been so much on my mind lately that shouldn’t have been. It’s not for me to worry, but I just do. I live with it, and you can’t get past something you live with. I’m upset and frustrated and I never thought I’d say this, but all I want to do is get back to school. It feels like it would be easier on my brain. Right now, everything is just floating in mid air and I’m tired of not being on solid ground; it’s making me sick.


4 thoughts on “07.09.2012

  1. Hope your pain has faded by now.

    I see from your Gravatar Profile that you hail from Brussels. I’m in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia but my mother was born in Aalst. I’ve only started blogging this summer and you’re only the second person I’ve come across from my mum’s homeland (other is http://gloomy-san.tumblr.com/). I’ve clicked the “follow” button even though I’m immensely old and don’t expect we have much in common other than Belgium. But I am looking forward to following your exploits

    Take care.

  2. Thanks. It seems to have disappeared for the time being.

    Yes, I’ve been in Brussels for 5 years (6th year running). It’s not my home country. I don’t really have a country which I can fully call my home, so I wrote where I was currently living. I never lived in my parents homeland.
    Aalst is in the Flemish region of Belgium as far as I know.
    Ditto. I’m a new blogger to WordPress too! I do have a tumblr blog, but it’s very different conceptually.
    Thanks, I hope you enjoy my blog.
    You too.

    • I did have the sense that maybe Belgium wasn’t your native land from your writing style. Even those who have mastered multiple languages still think from their native language base and that shows in how they write, even if subtly. That aside, a blogger from Belgium is of definite interest. And, yes. Aalst is in the Flemish region.

      Hope you get some rest before what I hope is a good weekend for you. Enjoy.

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