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Photo Day.

It’s photo day tomorrow. One of the most dreaded days of the school year. You spend the previous night fluffing up your hair and trying to pick an outfit that will look ideally perfect. This consumes about 2 hours of your day. Come the morning you feel insecure about your clothing and go through your wardrobe yet again finally deciding on what you had chosen the previous night – a complete waste of time. You splash on some make up as you are already late and shove your make up, hair brush, and mirror into your bag in which you have a spare top in case you decide to wear pink instead of blue. Then you dash to school and arrive in class, slightly sweaty. An hour later you’re in the queue to have your photo taken along with the rest of your class. You apply some last minute powder or foundation and ask your friend how you should smile. It’s almost your go, a glimpse in the mirror and before you know it some hairy old guy is positioning you on the table which is being used as a seat. Flash. It’s done.

Two weeks later, you will have before you a photo which does not even resemble you and despite all your efforts is worse than ever. Your friends ask you if they can see and although you want the photo to burn in hell, you know you want to see theirs too. They reassure you that you look gorgeous and they look terrible, so you reassure them that it is in fact the contrary.

That’s one school photo day. What a pointless day.

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Boy, oh boy, I couldn’t agree with you anymore Daria. Honestly, coffee has been my fuel for the last few days. With not being able to get to sleep on time, and having to wake up at 6.30 am for the hopeless attempt of getting homework done, life gets tough.

But that’s not my point. This just seemed to be a suitable image. My point is ‘Daria’. This 90s MTV series is pleasantly cynical and very insightful. It’s down to earth and real. In fact sad truths of life are so over-exaggerated that the show becomes humorous and ironic. It’s a bit tragic to consider that the comical aspect stems from our very own reality. Unlike every other character on the show, Daria and her best friend Jane do not portray two typical high school stereotypes. On the contrary, they spend their time observing their peers and ultimately disapproving of the institution called ‘high school’. One could say Daria and Jane are a less generic, more original embodiment of the classic moral advice given to all teens: “be yourself“.

Although Daria is full of cynicism, she gains the audiences respect and sympathy through her sarcasm. She has a better grasp on the world and reality than any average teen.  What makes her stand apart is her plainspoken and commonsensical realism. It’s also what steers the show clear of being a cliche. Too bad it only lasts 5 seasons.

Definitely give it a watch. Every episode is just 20 minutes.

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It’s 1am, the sky is rumbling, light is flashing and rain is crashing. I love thunderstorms, that is when I can enjoy the sounds ans watch the outdoors, not when I have to sleep. The world works against me…

Song Of The Week:

The Film Did Not Go ‘Round – Nada Surf

Just a quick briefing about this song: I became familiar with it about a year ago. The tune is perfect – mellow, soft and simply different. The meaning of the song is beautiful. This band has a couple of songs which I love a lot – I missed seeing them last March which I regret. If you’re sitting in your room wanting to listen to some music that won’t distract you too much, I would say this is ideal.
Hope you enjoy this (:


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Sunday morning, rain is pouring…

Well not quite, but the sky is pretty gray… and I have to do homework so that makes it all that much worse. 

But I like Sundays. It’s a cozy excuse to stay at home and curl into a ball in your bed whilst reading a book. 
Nobody’s ever really awake early on a Sunday morning, so it’s all the more an excuse to never get up. Unfortunately for me, my homework assignments do not only consist of reading; if it did, I’m sure I’d never get up. 

Oh well, better get started on some Biology…

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Last Friday Night.

So, it was my first night out since 3 months… And I was  trying desperately hard not to be an outcast after my two week disappearance on Friday. I just hope I succeeded and I hope I didn’t succeed too well in case people start to think I’m insane.
Oh well, now its just another hazy memory, just like every other Friday night out…

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Song of the Week:

I guess this represents some of my inner feelings towards the world which I cannot seem to express lately.

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So, having newly started my 2012-2013 school year, I’d like to bring to the light a HUGE issue in my school. It’s overcrowded. I don’t just mean, the corridors are stuffed, there’s no where to go where you can feel less highlighted, or everywhere you go there are people: it’s crowded. I mean factually overcrowded. Overcrowded to the point that they have had to create a mixed boy-girl gym class. And I’m in that mixed class. And I think it’s wrong. Not wrong ethically but wrong biologically.  We can be as mature as we like, but at the end of the day we have different bodies, and there’s not a hell of a lot of things we can do to change our stamina. To me it’s only logical that most of the girls do not perform to the same standards as the guys. But apparently, it’s not so logical to my gym teacher (who is also male). We’re constantly graded less because we are compared and contrasted with the boys. To me this is not fair which ever way you pull it. It’s not fair to the girls that they should be thought less of because the boys are better and it’s not fair to the guys that they should be seen as  ‘more than’ because of the girls.  But the school can’t deal with this teeny tiny issue because it probably has another 2000 people to deal with until it comes to 11 girls who are in a mixed gym class. The little motivation I had for gym class (and don’t get me wrong, I love my exercise but sports in school is a whole other ‘thing’) has now completely vanished thanks to my schools kind and thoughtful classifications.

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Day 3:

I give up.

Dazed and Confused.

Most difficult moments or times in my life which are hard to digest are just hazy, numb memories which get carved into my subconscious despite that I would much rather erase  it from my life completely. These memories leave behind unanswered questions which hover in my mind clouding up my thoughts. They begin to dominate everything and all of a sudden I can’t see past them. Each and every question interferes with everything that is coming my way and I am too afraid to make a move; because every move that I make might have a terrible consequence and it might be a mistake. Unfortunately, time is my foe in this scenario. As the clock ticks those decisions that I hesitate to make become mandatory and hastily I make a choice. I don’t get to come to terms with my choices. I just have to make them. Because time goes on while my problems remain in the same position, only growing in size and not answering any of my questions. The world won’t wait for me. The world won’t wait for anyone. I’m constantly chasing after it, trying to pick up the pieces while my dad snatches them away from me and makes my journey of life a big, fat, mess. While he ruins my life to be, he creates his own. He loves his world where he is the master and I am just his product. I don’t want to be his product anymore but I don’t see how I will get out of this alive. Even Usain Bolt gets tired of running, how can I not?

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